Industrial IoT Solutions

DeepSkyOne team of IoT specialists can provide specialized IoT solutions for most any large industrial company seeking ability to monitor their equipment and operations through a cloud-based platform. Whether you are looking for product customization, new product development we can help.


Industrial Benefits of IoT

Deep Sky improves tracking of assets (equipment, machinery, tools, etc.) using sensors and connectivity, which helps organizations benefit from real-time insights. Organizations can then more easily locate issues and run preventive maintenance to improve asset utilization.

Companies that employ such technologies, and are willing to share data with insurers, can benefit from a safer operational environment and potentially lower insurance premiums.

At the end of the day the biggest benefit for the business owner utilizing our IoT solutions can be savings!


Some Industrial Uses of IoT

Industrial Manufacturing

Building Automation, Hotels

Oil & Natural Gas


Chemicals & Utilities

Commercial Refrigeration

HVAC (Heating and Cooling)

Convenience Stores

Food Service Industry

Facility Security

Hospital & Assisted Living

IoT in Oil and Gas

Deep Sky One allows small independent drillers to network their oil rigs and machinery in the field, which they can then monitor from a central location through our cloud-based platform. The ability for small independent oil drillers to monitor their rigs and machinery in operation can help them cut manpower expenses and avoid costly downtimes and equipment replacement from mechanical breakdowns.

IoT Solution for HVAC

The Internet of Things could drive down facility HVAC energy costs by not only adjusting temperature output, but also in monitoring of equipment for possible maintenance issues before equipment breakdown. This would reduce the need for costly repair visits and reduce overall expenses for HVAC operators.

Cannabis Industry IoT

Along with agricultural uses, we will also explore customizing an IoT system specific for the cannabis grow industry. Our platform will allow large scale cannabis producers to track temperature, lighting, water irrigation, and track shipments through our platform.

IoT Instillation Service

The Deep Sky IoT services team offers help when it comes to installing our sensor and monitoring systems. We can arrange for complete installation and/or consultation when installing and setting up a DeepSkyOne wireless sensor and remote monitoring system.

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