DoorDrop, No Contact Food Delivery App for Elderly

DeepSkyOne announces DoorDrop as a new ‘no-contact’ last mile delivery app for elderly customers seeking food, groceries, and other products, while reducing the need for human interaction during coronavirus outbreak.



Deep Sky IoT Cloud Platform

The number one benefit of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is savings through predictive maintenance. This involves organizations using real-time data generated from IIoT systems to predict defects in machinery before they occur, enabling companies to take preventive action before a part fails or a machine goes down.


Industrial IoT Solutions

Deep Sky team of IoT specialists, through its partnership with Monnit Corporation, can provide specialized IoT solutions for most any large industrial company seeking ability to monitor their equipment and operations through a cloud-based platform. Whether you are looking for product customization, new product development we can help.

Some Industrial Uses of IoT

Industrial Manufacturing

Building Automation, Hotels

Oil & Natural Gas


Chemicals & Utilities

Commercial Refrigeration

HVAC (Heating and Cooling)

Convenience Stores

Food Service Industry

Facility Security

Hospital & Assisted Living

Product Customization:

Wireless Sensor Hardware

Monitoring Software

Wireless Sensor Behavior

Custom Enclosures

Custom Power Options


Over 70+Sensor Types

With over 70 different sensor types and more developed all the time, the sky is the limit for what you can monitor through Deep Sky One.


Industrial IoT Services (IIoT)


Lets keep things simple!

While we provide over 70 different types of unique wireless sensors,
we understand that our products may not meet your specific requirement.
DeepSkyOne provides product customization services to ensure our products will work for you.

Types of Product Customization:

Wireless Sensor Hardware

Monitoring Software

Wireless Sensor Behavior

Custom Enclosures

Custom Power Options

Need help installing or setting up your Deep Sky One wireless sensors or monitoring software?

The Deep Sky IoT services team offers help when it comes to installing our sensor and monitoring systems. We can arrange for complete installation and/or consultation when installing and setting up a DeepSkyOne wireless sensor and remote monitoring system.

Installation Services For:
  • Large Businesses
  • DeepSky Enterprise Software
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • Multi-Location Deployment
  • Industrial Systems
  • Modbus System Integration


Backup Storage Data Internet Technology Business concept.

Backup Internet for Small Businesses

You may have DSL, T1 or a Metro Ethernet connection, but your business is still not immune to outages or slow connections. Whether you’re a retail store, restaurant or law firm, every business needs a backup Internet connection. From inventory control to managing schedules to point of sale transactions, a fast, reliable, Internet connection is the bloodline of any business.